Okie Diva - Oaklawn Park 2018
Photo by Coady Photography
Higher Power - Oaklawn Park 2018
Photo by Coady Photography
Cosmic Burst - Grade III HoneyBee Stakes Winner
Oaklawn Park 2018 - Photo by Coady Photography
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Donnie K. Von Hemel

Donnie K. Von Hemel was born and raised in southwest Kansas. After graduating from Fort Hayes State, he elected to continue the Von Hemel family footsteps to take out his trainer’s license in 1984. His father, Don who is in the Nebraska Racing Hall of Fame continues to train horse throughout the Midwest. Donnie moved around the Midwest through the remaining 80’s and early 90’s before settling outside Oklahoma City in Piedmont with his wife, Robin and daughter, Tess. During the early 1990’s, Donnie K., as he is known around the race track, trained Oklahoma bred Clever Trevor who became his first horse to be a millionaire. He has since trained seven horses who have reached this status including Breeder’s Cup winner, Caleb’s Posse in 2011. He was elected to the Oklahoma Racing Hall of Fame in 2012.

With over 2000 wins and surpassing $57,000,000 in purse earnings, Donnie K. continues to strive to maintain the highest standards for his clients. This approach is shown by the success not only on the racing surfaces, but with the longevity of clients. The personal approach with each animal is seen throughout the barns from the quality in the horses bedding and feed to the veterinary care. Mr. Von Hemel believes verbal communication and access for each client is essential to maintain long term relationships.